big mouth garden

Project big mouth gardenbig mouth garden

big mouth garden is:

_ a mouth-shaped earth-work (approx. 10 x 20 m.) that people can walk through and around

_ 30 miniature speakers are hidden in the garden

_ they transmit at random ‘blablabla’¬†with different voices

_ electricity is generated by the plants themselves

_ the garden is planted with (ruby) red flowers

_ the flowers attract insects and butterflies

what’s the buzz

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beautiful labdue

beautiful is our proposal for the Allariz garden festival 2013.

one word – beautiful – in cubic characters. big perfumed letters that describe the landscape enthusiastically. it’s a vertical garden. it consists of 7 letters, made of steel gabion cages. the letters are 150-200 cm. high and 60 cm. deep. the cages are filled with earth/granulate, contained in geotextile.
the letters are planted with flowering plants: aromatic species that attract butterflies.

of course it’s a literal interpretation of the theme ‘beleza que inspira‘. but more than that, it’s a tribute to the colors, smells and natural treasures of Allariz and surroundings. the letters can be positioned in one of the gardens, but we advise to place them in the entrance area of the festival.

the commitment of Allariz – for the excellent environmental sustainability
the beauty of this intention is expressed in one magnificent word: beautiful.


soft garden

B soft garden mist is one of the most fascinating phenomena in the landscape. it turns everything soft and makes the landscape seem endless.

soft garden is made of this experience: the centre of the garden is an artificial fog. repeating geometric earth mounds define an artificial landscape. the mounds are covered with Prairie Smoke and Lovers-in-the-Mist. pink and white Smoke trees surround the fog. small white pebble paths invite you to get to the fog, zigzagging your way in between the earth mounds. there is no route, there is no beginning, no end.

just a soft garden.

soft garden.pdf